Each week J and I DREAD the question..."What do you want for dinner this week?"  We often race to see who can ask the question first...just to avoid having the job of the answerer!  Don't get me wrong, I LOVE to cook and don't even mind the task of actually going to the grocery store to search for all of the beautiful ingredients that go into making delicious meals, but the hard part is the prep and the decision making.  It's so easy to sift through recipes online or flip through a cookbook, but the act of planning is quite the task every week. Over the past few years, we have refined our weekly grocery planning to fit our budget, our schedule and our taste buds, which definitely helps, but that doesn't mean it's in our top ten list of things to do on a Sunday afternoon :)  

After a few years of going to the grocery store whenever I had time, or whenever we needed something, I figured out that was not the best way to ensure we were being health-conscious and budget friendly.  J and I decided to give our weekly grocery shopping habit a makeover.  Each week, we go to the grocery ONLY on Sundays.  I know, you must be thinking, "What if you run out of something throughout the week or decide to cook something different?"  Well, of course that happens, but we do try really hard to prep for the week and stick to only going one time, which certainly helps the budget.  We plan a menu for the week, taking into account busy nights or long days at work, and then we make our list from there.  Nothing spectacular or noteworthy, but it works for us, and going to the grocery actually isn't so bad when you have someone as cute as J to do it with!

So...here is the menu for this week! We just got back from the grocery, and also decided this week to head to the farmers market for some fresh fall flavors!

Grilled Cedar plank salmon (the fresh organic kind what on sale at HT and looked delicious)
Veggie Quinoa 

Grilled Balsamic chicken
Fresh local corn
Fresh cheddar semolina bread (also on sale at HT)
Yummy salad with FM tomatoes

Veggie stromboli   

Stuffed sweet potatoes (we got 6 at the farmers market for only $2!!)
Fresh lima beans

Veggie and rice stir fry with fresh FM veggies and whole grain brown rice

I'll add some pictures after these yummy meals are made this week!

Happy Cooking :) Courtney

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